Full- Face rejuvenation

Combining his expert knowledge of facial anatomy, aesthetics skills and his artistic eye, Dr Estebanez is able to achieve masterful and powerful results with full-face rejuvenations.

Injectables do so much more than simply add volume or shape to the face, our full face rejuvenation packages not only replenish youthfulness but also restore confidence and help people feel themselves again.

Full-face rejuvenations involve the injection of dermal fillers to revolumise the face and restore definition. In some cases the simultaneous use of muscle-relaxing injections to thin larger muscles (i.e. the masseters) may be performed to allow us to create a more youthful overall face shape.

Because the needs of the face change as we mature, it’s important that these age-related changes are tackled in an expert and bespoke fashion that respects the individuals anatomy.

During your detailed consultation we will thoroughly assess your face and take time to understand your aspirations, before recommending a bespoke treatment plan that will best empower you to achieve your goal.


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BEFORE & AFTER Photo Results


Ageing and the associated volume loss of fat and bone, affects the whole face rather than isolated areas. By truly understanding the detailed anatomy of the face and the changes that effect us with age, we are able to expertly inject fillers into each of these areas to reverse these changes and create natural-looking, youthful face. In patients with significant volume loss, full-face rejuvenations provide an excellent alternative to surgery that enables immediate results with minimal downtime.
In younger individuals, facial fillers can be used to add natural-looking contouring and shape in a way that harmonises the face and creates a more classically attractive result.

Facial fillers are a copy of a naturally occurring substance (hyaluronic acid) that normally lies within the skin and helps to keep the skin hydrated and healthy looking. Injecting fillers allows us to restore lost volume and definition in a safe and reversible procedure. The use of high-quality dermal fillers ensures that they become integrated with our own tissues and thus achieve natural-looking results.

Despite involving the treatment of multiple areas of the face, most patients experience only minimal discomfort during their full-face rejuvenation. This is aided by the application of local anaesthetic cream prior to the procedure and also due to the fact that the filler products that we use also contain lidocaine to help make the experience more comfortable.
Patients may experience some swelling and mild discomfort in days following the treatment, however this is typically managed effective with the use of simple painkillers such as Paracetamol.

The benefits of a full-face rejuvenation can last from 12-24 months, however we typically recommend that patients are reviewed after 9-12 months to enable “maintenance” treatments with smaller volumes of filler to help maintain the benefits of their rejuvenation and keep them looking refreshed.