The prominent position of the lips on the face, means that they play a significant role on the overall aesthetics and harmony of the whole face. As we age the lips lose volume and definition, culminating in thinner lips, “smokers lines” and an aged-looking lower face.

At Prima Aesthetics, we can expertly use fillers to help enhance the symmetry of your smile, correct drooping mouth corners and redefine lip shape and plumpness lost through ageing.

Lip enhancement with hyaluronic acid fillers, provides a safe and effective means of rejuvenating the lips and peri-oral region and particularly complements the refreshing results of full-face rejuvenations with fillers and muscle-relaxing injections.

Lip fillers are a popular option for those wanting to add volume and plumpness and harmonise the appearance of the lower face, with the benefits lasting between 6-12 months.


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We can skilfully inject filler into the lips, using either a needle or blunt cannula device, to create naturally-looking defined, plumped and rejuvenated lips.

Lip fillers can achieve many outcomes, depending on our patient’s goals and objectives. If volume loss is apparent, Dr. Estebanez can expertly inject filler to restore fullness. However, if volume loss isn’t a concern but lip shape is, we can use filler to enhance definition and correct asymmetry.

Due to the lips being a particularly sensitive area, there may be slight discomfort during the treatment however as numbing cream will be applied, most of the pain will be minimised.

Lip fillers usually last between 6 to 12months depending upon the volume/product used and the patient’s physiology.